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Example of Creating an Application for JD Edwards'

Application Objective: Create a custom JD Edwards application that allows users to manage purchase requests.

Steps to Develop the Application:

  1. Requirements Analysis: Begin by gathering the application's requirements. What are the necessary features? What data needs to be captured and stored in the JD Edwards system? Who are the end users?

  2. Application Design: Design the user interface of the application and define the workflow. Decide how the application will integrate with JD Edwards. You can use existing JD Edwards tables to store purchase request data or create custom tables.

  3. Development of Business Functions (BSFN): Business Functions are the heart of JD Edwards. Write the necessary BSFNs to support the application's operations. For example, you may need to create BSFNs to create, modify, or delete purchase requests. Use the JDE C programming language to implement these functions.

  4. Creation of P01012/P01012Z Applications: You can use existing JD Edwards applications like P01012 (Purchase Order Master) or P01012Z (Purchase Order Detail) as a foundation for your application. Modify or extend these applications to include the new functionalities.

  5. Customize the Menu: Add the custom application to the JD Edwards menu so that users can easily access it.

  6. Testing: Test the application in a development or sandbox environment to ensure it functions correctly and meets all requirements.

  7. Deployment: After testing and approval, implement the application in a JD Edwards production environment.

  8. User Training: Provide training to end users on how to use the application.

  9. Ongoing Support: Offer continuous support and maintenance for the application to address any issues or update needs.

  10. Documentation: Ensure proper documentation of the application, including installation, usage, and maintenance instructions.

This is a simplified and general process for creating a custom application in JD Edwards. The actual complexity of the project will depend on specific requirements and the configuration of your JD Edwards environment. Be sure to consult the official JD Edwards documentation and involve professionals experienced in JD Edwards in the development of the application.


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