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Template to create a JD Edwards Report

JD Edwards Report

Basic Information:

Report Name: [Enter the report name]

Creation Date: [Enter the creation date]

Created By: [Enter the author's name]

Report Description:

[Enter a brief description of the report, including its main purpose and the context in which it will be used.]

Input Data:

Table/View: [Enter the name of the table or view from which data will be extracted.]

Used Fields: [List the fields from the table or view that will be used in the report.]

Filters and Parameters:

[List the filters or parameters that the user can use to customize the report, such as start and end dates, customer type, etc.]

Report Layout:

[Describe the overall layout of the report, including details such as columns, headers, totals, formatting, charts (if needed), etc.]

Data Sorting:

[Specify how data will be sorted within the report, such as by date, by customer, in alphabetical order, etc.]

Additional Calculations:

[If there are additional calculations or formulas that need to be applied to the data, describe them here.]

Exception Handling:

[If there are conditions or exceptional situations that require special attention in the report, explain them here.]

Publication and Distribution:

[Describe how the report will be published and distributed. For example, will it be printed and physically delivered, sent via email, or made available on an online platform?]

Approvals and Permissions:

[If the report requires specific approvals or permissions to be viewed or distributed, indicate the involved process.]

Revision Date and Change History:

Last Revision Date: [Enter the date of the last revision.]

Reason for Revision: [Briefly explain the reason for the revision.]

Previous Revisions: [List previous revisions with their respective dates and reasons.]


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