Vincenzo Caserta Profile



* 9 years JDE development experience

* 8 years of freelance Forensics Technical Consultant.


Currently Vincenzo Caserta is a Technical Consultant and Developer at DWS. He has over 16 years of IT experience of programmer and consultant. Vincenzo Caserta has worked on all the EnterpriseOne releases from B7332 to 9.2.5

Vincenzo Caserta has previously worked for some other Italian JD Edwards consultancy companies on the behalf of which he has joined a variety of companies including several of the major European beverage companies

Vincenzo Caserta is an experienced Developer. In his work at DWS, he was responsible for the design and development of a number of different tasks. In addition, he has worked on a variety of JD Edwards projects mainly focused to uplift JD Edwards client’s version to the last tool release and application release. At the moment he joined the DWS Dimension Analyse Team, which is responsible of Estimate and Quote on a T/M base, all the uplif process for a client's JD Edwards installation.

Prior to joining DWS, Vincenzo Caserta was a Forensics Technical Consultant. He specialized in computer forensics, a discipline that concerns the detection, treatment and interpretation of data stored on electronic media, in order to be evaluated as evidence in criminal trials. He worked for different prosecution offices in Italy.

In his client work, Vincenzo Caserta coded modifications to existing JD Edwards modules and developed new custom applications and reports that provided functionality not present in JD Edwards.

Expertise & Methodologies

Technical Consultant involved in the design, coding and testing of customisations to the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product set. This has included:

Solution Design and documentation

Applications development using the full EnterpriseOne toolset.

Reports development using the full EnterpriseOne toolset

Providing end user and implementation Support, Training and Documentation

Management of development tasks and resources.

JDE Application Areas

Address Book


Inventory Management

Sales Order Processing

Requisition Self Service

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

JDE Expertise

Integration Skills

E1 Developer Skills

BI Publisher skills

Relevant JDE Experience:

Development of an advanced custom E1 batch application and relative custom business function to display the multitiered allocations transactions for a Canadian company that was required to adopt Accounting Standards Codification 842 Leases Development of interfaces between with “Replica Sistemi” StockSystem and JD Edwards systems to ensure that warehouse data could be kept in-sync.

Delivered for different clients of custom solutions to enhance P4210 functionalities. Designed and developed a custom application, with a very easy and simple layout, alternative to P4312, that allowed to receive the raw materials coming in trucks at the production site.

Trucks were weighed at the entrance and exit of the factory and after a visual check in which the user controlled the numbers of pallets, the application created all transactions in JD Edwards standard tables (F43121, F4311, F0911, F41021, and eventually F4205).No specialized or trained personnel was needed to use this app.

Designed a JD Edwards application that interfaced with the software of a printer, in order to create a label for each pallet of raw materials received.

Designed and developed a custom JD Edwards set of applications and dedicated business functions to track the supplier Lot number of the raw materials used to produce a given item.

Designed and developed a custom set of applications, for an Italian paper mill company that: :

  1. Tracked all additives and primary goods at the I/O points of a very big machine that produced paper.
  2. Printed on video: settings, warnings and suggestions for the machine operators at every section.
  3. Printed the list of components to be used at each section of the machine for every Work Order.

These are some of the JDE customers Vincenzo Caserta has worked with in the past:

ACAL, B&G, Coloplast, Constain, Encana.

Pernod Richard Group

FBD, Fluidmaster, Graniterock, Liberty Hardware, Norgine, Pernod-Ricard UK, Pernod-Ricard ES

Pharmavite, Velocity, Westfield, Wilbur Ellis, Wis-Pak

Furla, Martini&Rossi, Benelli Armi, Ferplast, ACSM Como, Cefla Group,Pietro Fiorentini, Gruppo Cordenons