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Once upon a time, somewhere in northern Italy, there was a boy named Vincenzo who met a girl named Carmen. They had mutual friends. Vincenzo liked Carmen a lot, both mentally and physically. Essentially, she was attractive, very intelligent, somewhat masculine, and quick to anger, which suited Vincenzo, as he tended to be somewhat dominant.

Carmen is a fascinating mix of natural beauty and inner strength. With a physique that reflects the serene landscapes of Corsica and the Italian countryside, her olive-colored skin glows with radiant health, reflecting her deep connection with nature. Carmen's eyes, akin to clear waters reflecting the sky, draw others in with their depth and mystery, conveying a sense of solitude and introspection. Her hair, the color of Beaujolais grapes, falls in gentle waves, framing a face adorned with a delicate balance of shyness and grace. Carmen's features are harmonious, like a meticulously tended garden where every plant and flower finds its place. There is an air of mystery about her, an allure that transcends conventional beauty, evoking the enigmatic charm of the Corsican landscape.

Carmen's journey as a horticulturist is etched in the faint marks on her hands, a testament to her direct bond with plants and the earth. Despite her shyness, Carmen is a dedicated professional, with a passion for roses and geraniums that equals the intensity of her encounters with professionals from different fields. Hospitals become the backdrop for her interactions with doctors, pharmacists, aromatherapists, toxicologists, herbalists, and even artists. Her life takes an unexpected turn as she delves into the realms of alternative methods, embracing practices such as sophrology, olfactotherapy, psychotherapy, meditation, and energy healing. Armed with a state-certified diploma as a sophrologist, Carmen becomes a beacon of guidance for those seeking psycho-emotional awareness and balance.

Carmen's office in southern France becomes a sanctuary, where she conducts training programs, grief support, and mourning phases using olfactotherapy as a psycho-emotional method. Her profound understanding of scents, vibrations, and the impact of essential oils in managing emotions offers comfort and solace to those navigating the intricate paths of personal development. Amidst her journey, Carmen takes on the role of a funeral consultant, exploring thanatology and delving into the universe of connections between life and death. Her experiences shape her into an extraordinary guide, helping others find meaning in driving forces such as hard work, perseverance, and kindness. Passionate about personal development, Carmen creates psycho-emotional cosmetic lines inspired by art therapy and spiritual philosophies. Her art extends beyond the laboratory, intertwining with her mission to soothe not only the body but also the mind. Carmen's luminous path is marked by a deep understanding of the virtues of acceptance, living in the present moment, and breaking taboos surrounding death.

As Carmen's story unfolds, readers will discover the mysterious and profound study of life after death, delving into various philosophies, cultures, and beliefs. Her counseling office becomes a refuge for seekers of wisdom, drawn to her unique approach that weaves the earthly and the ethereal. In Carmen, the human finds an extraordinary companion, and together they embark on a journey of self-discovery along a bright path paved with the virtues of hard work, perseverance, and kindness: the fundamental driving forces that give meaning to life itself.

Vincenzo, with his Italian origins and a connection to the southern region of Italy, Campania, embodies the strength of tradition and the passion of the Mediterranean. His roots in the historic city of Caserta, near the renowned Royal Palace, not far from the "Don Vincenzo" restaurant, have infused in him a deep appreciation for the cultural richness of the region and its architectural wonders. Physically, Vincenzo possesses a captivating charm, with a strong and imposing structure that reflects his inner resilience and determination.

Professionally, Vincenzo has immersed himself in the world of technology and business solutions, specializing particularly in the integration of ERP software, such as JD Edwards, for production, distribution, and financial management. His expertise in leveraging cutting-edge business applications reflects his intelligence and strategic mindset.

Despite his professional interests, Vincenzo has a shrewd and artistic attitude, demonstrating his ability to tackle complex challenges with creativity and skill. His intelligence is matched only by his passion for solving intricate problems, much like the central character of the renowned TV series "Vincenzo," known for his sharp wit and strategic brilliance in the face of adversity.

In his personal life, Vincenzo is known for his unwavering loyalty to his family and his origins, drawing strength from the traditions that have shaped his identity. His journey, akin to the character in the Korean drama "Vincenzo," is marked by a deep sense of justice and the pursuit of revenge against corruption. His experiences reflect a balance between the demands of modern technology and the timeless values that have defined his character.

Human relationships, often intricate and multifaceted, are subject to a myriad of psychological forces. An intriguing aspect is the paradoxical nature of attraction: the allure of the unattainable and uncertainty towards what is readily available.

There is a certain charm in mystery, in challenge, and in the unattainable. This phenomenon may stem from our innate desire for what we perceive as rare or elusive. The pursuit of the unknown often stimulates curiosity and fuels desire. The more something seems unattainable, the more it tends to capture our attention. This could be attributed to the psychological principle of scarcity, where the perceived rarity of an object increases its desirability. When someone appears distant or uninterested, it may trigger a search instinct, fueling an attraction to the perceived challenge.

The idea of ignoring or rejecting those who express attraction towards us may be linked to a variety of factors, including self-esteem, fear of vulnerability, or the desire to maintain control. In some cases, reciprocating affection can seem frightening, leading people to withdraw. The fear of vulnerability is a powerful force. When someone expresses affection, it puts us in a vulnerable position. Rejecting or ignoring it could be a defense mechanism to avoid the potential emotional risk associated with opening up to someone.

The paradox of confidence and shyness in the absence or presence of attraction speaks to the intricate dance of self-perception and social dynamics. Confidence often flourishes when there is no perceived threat or expectation, while shyness can emerge in the face of potential judgment or attraction. Confidence can stem from a lack of perceived risk or judgment. In situations where there is no apparent attraction, individuals may feel more secure and therefore project confidence. On the other hand, awareness of being attractive could introduce a fear of judgment, leading to shyness.

While these dynamics are interesting to consider, it is crucial to note that individual experiences vary widely, and not everyone follows these patterns. Human relationships are complex and influenced by a myriad of factors such as culture, personal history, and emotional intelligence. Recognizing these patterns can nonetheless provide insights into our behavior and help foster healthier and more authentic connections. As with many psychological phenomena, the key lies in self-awareness, empathy, and open communication.

This is what happened to them one night when they met at a small bar where a jazz concert was taking place.

Vincenzo: (casually, over the music) Hey, Carmen. Long time no see!
Carmen: (cautiously, raising her voice) Vincenzo.
Vincenzo: (smiling) Friday night rock concert, who would've thought?
Carmen: (smirking) Life's full of surprises.
Vincenzo: (leaning in, yelling) Fate must have good taste in music.
Carmen: (laughing) Or maybe we both just have great taste.
Vincenzo: (raising an eyebrow) True. So, what brings you to this rock haven?
Carmen: (looking around at the crowd) Needed a change of scenery. Needed some good music.
Vincenzo: (nodding) Can't argue with that. This band's giving it their all.
Carmen: (raising her glass) To "unexpected reunions" and good rock vibes.
Vincenzo: (clinking glasses) Cheers.
Vincenzo: (casually, approaching) You know, it's funny how life brings us back to the same place.
Carmen: (smirking) Almost like it has a pre-set plan.
Vincenzo: (playfully) Maybe it's trying to tell us something.
Carmen: (teasing) And what would that be?
Vincenzo: (smiling) That good music and unexpected encounters are a perfect mix.
Carmen: (leaning in, whispering) Really?
Vincenzo: (grinning) Knew there was a reason fate brought us here.
Carmen: (softly laughing) Whether it's fate or not, let's enjoy the music and see where the night takes us.
Vincenzo: (smiling) Well, I suppose fate works in mysterious ways. Brunch next Sunday, you say?
Carmen: (nodding) Mhmm. My friend has this cozy place in the Bolognese Hills. Thought it would be a nice change of scenery.
Vincenzo: (raising an eyebrow) Bolognese Hills, huh? Fancy.
Carmen: (playfully) Only the best for brunch.
Vincenzo: (smiling) Guess I can trade my motorcycle for a car for a day.
Carmen: (teasing) I promise it won't bite.
Vincenzo: (approaching) But will it still have that exciting roar?
Carmen: (smirking) Maybe you'll miss it a bit, but I'll make up for it with good company.
Vincenzo: (smiling) Fair enough. Looking forward to it.
Carmen: (softly whispering) Me too.
Vincenzo: (smiling) Right. Looking forward to it. By the way, let's exchange numbers.
Vincenzo: (nodding) Good idea. Here you go.
Vincenzo: (smiling) I suppose we should get back to enjoying this fantastic concert.
Carmen: (nodding) Agreed. Wouldn't want to miss a moment.
They immerse themselves in the music, savoring the rhythms and melodies, and as the last notes echo in the air:
Vincenzo: (turning to Carmen) See you Sunday.
Carmen: (smiling) See you Sunday, Vincenzo.

With the promise of a delightful buffet breakfast, they parted for the night, each with anticipation for the next Sunday in the Bolognese Hills. That day, Vincenzo realized that somehow she also felt sympathy for him. He couldn't believe she had invited him to join her for a party with her friends.

Friday, just as he woke up, he sent her a "hello" message. She didn't reply. Vincenzo: (texting) Hey, Carmen! Good morning. Excited for Sunday?

Minutes passed, each second carrying an echo of suspense, but the notification remained elusive. Vincenzo: (thinking) Maybe she's busy, he thought. It's just a message. The day continued, but the lack of a response was a subtle undertone of the routine.

The day passed, and the shadows of doubt lengthened with the passing hours. Friday night, unable to resist the uncertainty gnawing at him, he tried again. Vincenzo: (sending another message) Hey, Carmen. How's your evening going?

The message lingered in the blue and white void of the chat, the three dots indicating her response seemed frozen in time. But no reply came. Maybe she's busy with Friday night plans, he reassured himself. Or perhaps her phone is on silent. Yet, the silence on the other end grew louder, a disconcerting symphony of unanswered questions.

Saturday morning dawned, the day before their supposed meeting. The uncertainty had turned into tangible concern. With a knot in his stomach, he tried once again to reach out. Vincenzo: (sending a worried message) Hey, Carmen. Everything okay? Where and what time tomorrow?

The message hung in the digital void, and the delivered indication offered no comfort. The lack of a response felt like a question mark hanging in the air, pregnant with unspoken words. Vincenzo: (inner anguish deepened) Did something happen? Was it something I said?

The questions swirled in his mind, a whirlwind of doubts that threatened the foundations of their plans. The unsettling silence grew louder, an implied void echoing with worry and doubt. As the day progressed without any answer, a persistent intuition whispered that something was wrong. Vincenzo: (concern deepening) This isn't right, he thought. There's no reason she shouldn't be responding.

Fuelled by a growing sense of unease, he decided to break the silence hanging heavily between them. With a mix of apprehension and determination, he dialed her number, the ring echoing in the hollows of his anxious mind.

Unknown Male: (answering abruptly) You've been tormenting me for two days! When will you stop?

Vincenzo: (confused and frustrated) Wait, what? I'm trying to reach Carmen. Isn't this her number?

Unknown Male: No, and you've been a darn nuisance.

Vincenzo: (angrily) You could have answered my first message and told me it was the wrong number!

Unknown Male: You've been tormenting me for two days! When will you stop?

Frustration overflowed as he yelled, feeling the weight of a missed connection and the toll of an inadvertent wrong turn. Vincenzo: This is ridiculous! If you had clarified from the start, none of this would have happened.

Angry, he tried to salvage the situation. He tried various combinations of numbers, hoping to stumble upon the correct one. A thousand possibilities, assuming only one digit was wrong. The odds against him, he succumbed to the cruel blows of fate, abandoning the prospect of that Sunday rendezvous.

After a couple of weeks, Vincenzo started working in another city, from 5:00 a.m. on Monday to 11:00 p.m. on Friday. Time flies by, life will always present you with the bill at some point in time.

After 2 years, when he had forgotten about her, he met her in the same place where they had left off. A small bar that hosts concerts on Friday nights. Carmen was visibly angry, and barely even greeted him.

The view of things that Vincenzo had arrived at was clear and correct: he thought that he had never called her. In reality, if you look at it from a non-female point of view, it was she who never called him. He had done so, but without success. What about her?

To be honest, the attraction he felt for her had faded in those 2 years. So it was very easy for him to talk about the "last time" because they had exchanged promises and numbers in that place. Vincenzo: Carmen! I can't believe it. What an incredible coincidence to find ourselves here after all this time.

Carmen: (irritated) Yes, a truly incredible coincidence. Listen, Vincenzo, there's something that has been bothering me since then.

Vincenzo: (smiling) I know, I never called you that day. I'm sorry if it upset you. But you know, that's not exactly how things went.

Carmen: (looking at him suspiciously) Oh really? How did it go then?

Vincenzo: Well, I called the number you gave me, but it was wrong. I tried several times, but couldn't reach you. I was wondering why you weren't responding. In the end, I had to give up. I really hoped you would call me, if only you had, maybe by now who knows what....

Carmen: (embarrassed) Wait, you mean... the number was wrong? Oh no, I'm so sorry, I never received your calls. I don't understand how it could have happened.

Vincenzo: It happens. So, what have you been up to in these two years? It's been so many days since then.

Carmen: (looking away, embarrassed) Well, nothing special. I kept working, living my life, you know how it is.

Vincenzo: (observing her closely) Carmen, you seem a bit tense. Is there something wrong?

Carmen: (sighing) It's just that... well, I can't get over what happened between us back then. I'm so sorry about the misunderstanding with the number. I might have missed the opportunity for something special. If only I had called.

Vincenzo: (smiling) Exactly, if only you had called!


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