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Hey, I'm Vincenzo
I'm a J D Edwards consultant.


My Story

I'm a UK-based technologist. I’m a JD Edwards technical consultant for 9 years. I am currently working at DWS - Global in Buckingham Shire, United Kingdom.

I joined the company in the automation of its processes by designing some new processes and screens of its sophisticated software. With the years, I learned that the best practices do not just lead to great business outcomes, but are also humane

My Expertise

I have a huge passion for the technology

This gave me a speed to learn new concepts very fast even if they are completely new to me.

JD Edwards Enterprise One.
JD Edwards Enterprise One.

10 years of experience in Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (version from B7.3.3.3 to current)

Software Engineer
Software Engineer

Overall 10 years of experience in Software Development department as a Senior.

Computer Forensics
Computer Forensics

Overall 8 years of freelance Forensics Technical Consultant for prosecution offices in Italy.

Web Design
Web Design

It's just a passion, which goes through years, starting with this website in 2005


Vincenzo Caserta Consulente JD Edwards Entrptise One

I'm Oracle certified and proud member of UKOUG (UK Oracle User Group )


If you know me, you know my story.

And if you don’t know me, I invite you to


Outside of my job, I like to Travel

Visit new places, get in touch with new Cultures.




Learn new languages.

Italian Italiano (it-IT) native speaker , I'm fluent in English English (United Kingdom) and Portuguese Português do Brasil (pt-BR), I understand Spanish Español (España) and studying French Français (France) .

My Locations

Buckinghamshire UK

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