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My Story

I'm a UK-based technologist. I’m a JD Edwards technical consultant for 19 years.

I am currently working at DWS - Global in Buckingham Shire, United Kingdom.I joined the company in the automation of its processes by designing some new processes and screens of its sophisticated software. With the years, I learned that the best practices do not just lead to great business outcomes, but are also humane.

My Skills

In today's dynamic professional landscape, versatility is a prized asset. In this article, I invite you to explore a diverse skill set that combines Excel expertise with a proficiency in programming languages.

Discover how these skills synergize to empower innovation and problem-solving

JD Edwards
JD Edwards

JD Edwards is more than just software; it's a catalyst for organizational transformation and success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Computer Forensics
Computer Forensics

My work in the field of computer forensics has revolved around the intricate and highly specialized discipline of extracting, preserving, and interpreting digital information.

JD Edwards Data Dictionary
JD Edwards Data Dictionary

In the realm of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, the Data Dictionary emerges as an often underappreciated hero during system upgrades.

Excel and programming languages
Excel and programming languages

I take pride in my well-rounded skill set, which encompasses proficiency in Microsoft Excel, along with a solid foundation in programming languages.


My Expertise

I have a huge passion for the technology.
This gave me a speed to learn new concepts very fast even if they are completely new to me.

According to Artificial Intelligence:
"I have an unwavering and profound passion for technology, and this fervour acts as an unstoppable catalyst, enabling me to swiftly and adeptly embrace unfamiliar concepts, even those that are entirely foreign to my knowledge base."


I love coding !

I am a proud member of UKOUG

My Blog

In this section of the web site Vincenzo Caserta discusses about different topics


Outside of my job

I am a:

Travel Enthusiast: "I have a passion for exploring new destinations and immersing myself in different cultures. Traveling allows me to broaden my horizons and create unforgettable memories."
DIY Aficionado: "I have a knack for do-it-yourself projects, from crafting handmade gifts to tackling home improvement tasks. The satisfaction of creating something with my own hands is unparalleled."



Learn new languages

Language Learner: "Learning new languages is a fascinating journey that opens doors to new friendships and unique perspectives. I find joy in mastering the intricacies of different tongues."

Italian Italiano (it-IT) native speaker , I'm fluent in English English (United Kingdom) and Portuguese Português do Brasil (pt-BR), I understand Spanish Español (España) and studying French Français (France) .


Buckinghamshire - United Kingdom
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